Inserting/Replacing batteries of ENHANCE NightLUX LTN

The ENHANCE NightLUX LTN comes with a battery already installed in it's included remote, but batteries for the lantern are not included.


Inserting/Replacing AA batteries for the lantern:

  1. Tip the ENHANCE NightLUX LTN upside down.
  2. Turn the battery cover on the bottom of the light counter clockwise to remove the cover.
  3. Tip the lantern right side up to allow the battery hold to slide out of the lantern.
  4. Insert three AA batteries into the battery holder, with the correct polarity, making sure the PLUS and MINUS signs on the batteries, match the PLUS and MINUS signs on the battery holder.
  5. With the batteries inserted into the holder, place it back into the bottom of the lantern. There is a notch on the holder that must line up with the plastic rail inside of the lantern, if the notch it not lined up with the rail, the battery holder will not fit in correctly.
  6. With the battery holder properly inserted, take the battery cover and place it back onto the bottom of the lantern. Turn it clockwise until it clicks into place to lock the door.


Replacing the remote battery:

  1. On the back of the remote, use a nickel or coin of similar thickness. Place the coin into the notch on the back of the remote and turn counter clockwise.
  2. Remove the cover to expose the remote's battery.
  3. Remove the battery from the remote, replace with a compatible CR2032 type battery.
  4. Replace the battery cover, and turn it clockwise with the coin to close it.

If the troubleshooting above does not solve your problem, please contact customer service.