ENHANCE NightLUX LTN is not powering on / Remote not working

Troubleshooting (no remote):


  • To turn the ENHANCE NightLUX LTN on without the remote, press the green button on the front of the lantern.
    • Does the light come on?
  • Make sure you have inserted three brand new AA batteries into the bottom of the light and that they are situated into the battery holder with the correct polarity.
    • Are the batteries being used new, are they inserted with the correct polarity?
  • Double check the batteries being used are good, try using three different AA batteries.
    • Will the light turn on now?


Troubleshooting (with remote):


  • To turn the ENHANCE NightLUX LTN on and off with the remote, make sure the lantern is in remote mode. Underneath the power button, there are two LED's, one with a SUN icon, and one with a REMOTE icon. Please press the power button twice, or until the LED for the REMOTE icon it lit.
    • Once the LED for the remote icon is lit, can you turn the light on and off with the remote?
  • If the lantern is in remote mode, but not turning on when the remote is pressed, please make sure the remote is within range (30 ft) and that the line of sight is not obstructed.
    • If you move closer or give the remote a better line of sight, does it turn the light on and off now?
  • When pressing the button on the remote, a red LED should illuminate to indicate power is present in the remote.
    • Does the LED turn red when the remote button is pressed?
  • If the LED does not come on, please remove the battery cover from the remote, and replace the CR2032 battery.
    • Does replacing the battery solve the problem?

If the troubleshooting above does not solve your problem, please contact customer service.