The BlueVIBE AGL will not charge

  • The BlueVIBE AGL comes with a universal Micro USB charging cable. To charge the headset, plug the included cable into the Micro USB port on the headset. When it is charging, the power LED will be red, a full charge should be achieved in 3 hours.
    • When you plug the Micro USB cable into the headset, does the LED come on red?
  • If the LED is not turning on, please try plugging the Micro USB cable into a different USB port.
    • Does the LED come on when you switch to a different USB port?
  • If the LED is still not coming on, please try using a different Micro USB cable.
    • Does a different Micro USB cable allow the headset to charge?
  • Once charging is initiated, a full charge will take 3 hours. When a full charge is reached, the LED will change from red to green.
    • Does the headset's LED change from red to green when charging is complete?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.