Pairing a device to the BlueSYNC XPL

Pairing to the BlueSYNC XPL:
If the speaker is powered on, please turn it off before proceeding.
  1. Adjust the Bluetooth antenna on the rear of the speaker to the UP position for optimum connection.
  2. Be sure the mode switch on the rear of the speaker is set to "Bluetooth" and not "AUX".
  3. Power the speaker on, it will automatically be in pairing mode.
  4. Go into the Bluetooth settings of your Bluetooth enabled device and scan for available devices.
  5. Find and select the BLUESYNC XPL from the pairable device list.
  6. Once your Bluetooth enabled device is paired, the device will say "connected"
  7. Press play on your Bluetooth enabled device to listen to your audio.
Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.