No sound when using AUX port on the BlueVIBE DLX


  • The BlueVIBE DLX can connect to a device via Bluetooth, or you can use the included AUX cable to plug into the headphone jack of a media device, the other end goes into the AUX port on the headset. Make sure when using the AUX function that the headset is not powered on, and no devices are connect to it via Bluetooth.
    • With the AUX cable plugged into your device, into the headset, and with it off, do you hear sound?
  • If no sound is heard, please make sure the volume is up on your device. The volume cannot be controlled by the headset, it must be controlled by the plugged in media device.
    • Does turning up the volume on your device allow the sound to be heard?
  • Make sure the AUX cable is plugged securely into the headset, and into your device. Please remove any case or skin on your device, sometimes they can cause an incomplete connection.
    • Was the connection secure, did removing any case or skin on your device solve the problem?
  • If sound is still not hear, please try another AUX cable if possible.
    • Does a different AUX cable work?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.