Devices connected to the Restore SL5000 won't charge


  • Fully charge your Restore SL5000 with AC power by using the attached USB charging cable before first use. Once charged, plug you device you wish to charge into one of the USB ports on the SL5000. Once connected, your device should begin to charge.
    • After the Restore SL5000 is recharged, does a device begin charging?
  • Make sure that both ends of the USB cable you are using are securely connected into your device, and into the Restore SL5000.
    • Are the cables inserted securely, does the SL5000 charge your device now?
  • Be aware that larger devices such as tablets may not charge, the maximum output of the Restore SL5000 is 1 amp.
    • Are you using a larger device such as a tablet? 
  • Try using a different USB cable through the SL5000's USB port if one is available.   
    • Does your device receive a charge now?
  • Try charging more than one device with the SL5000.
    • Which devices have you tried, which ones charged and which onces did not?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.