The BlueVIBE EBX will not charge

  • The BlueVIBE EBX uses an included Micro USB cable for charging. Please plug the cable into the Micro USB port on the headset, the LED indicator will be solid red while charging, and blue when charging is complete after 2 hours.   
    • Does the plugging the charging cable in turn the LED indicator on?
  • Should the LED not be illuminated, please make sure that there is a tight connection between the USB cable and the charging port on the BlueVIBE EBX, as well as from the other end to the USB cable to the USB port.
    • Were all the connections tight, is the headset charging now?   
  • Please also try a different USB port, or if you have one a 5 volt AC to USB adapter can be used too.
    • When plugged into a different USB port or to a AC/USB adapter, does the headset's LED light come on?    
  • If the port being used is verified to be good, connect the BlueVIBE EBX and leave it OVERNIGHT. Sometimes the battery inside of the BlueVIBE EBX just needs to be "woken up" a little by extensive charging.
    • Does leaving the headset plugged in over night get it to charge? 

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.