Setting the time/alarm on the SonaVERSE CLK

Setting Time and Date:

  1. Press the 12/24 button to select between 12-hour and 24-hour time display.
  2. Press and hold SET to begin time and date setting. The UP+ and DOWN- buttons adjust the time.
  3. Press SET to confirm the selection and to modify the next variable. Variables are Hours, Minutes, Year, Month, and Day.
  4. When complete, press SET twice to check the time, year, month, and day to confirm settings are correct.


Setting the Alarm:

  1. Press the Time/Alarm button (looks like two clocks) one time to view the alarm. When no alarm time is set, the display will show four lines.
  2. Press the SET button and then use the UP+ and DOWN- buttons to adjust the alarm time.
  3. Press SET to confirm your selection.
  4. Press the Time/Alarm button again to view the alarm time that was just set. Then, press either MP3 or FM RADIO to set the alarm noise of your choice.

** If MP3 or FM RADIO is no selected, then the buzzer will be the default sound for the Alarm.

** Press the ALARM/SLEEP button to toggle the alarm on/off. "ALARM" will be glowing on the clock face when ON.


Please contact customer service if you require further assistance.