ReVIVE PowerUP 4P does not fit into a DC outlet

  • If the DC barrel of the ReVIVE PowerUP 4P is too long, or too short, it can be adjusted. On the DC barrel there is an adjustment nut, turn it clockwise to make the DC barrel shorter, or counter clockwise to make the barrel longer.
    • Does adjusting the available length of the DC barrel allow for a better fit?
  • Sometimes objects in the car such as a stick shift or drive selector may get in the way, if this is the case, press the gray button on the DC barrel to allow adjustment of the ReVIVE PowerUP 4P. It has 180 degrees of adjustment.
    • Does adjusting the position of the ReVIVE PowerUP 4P allow for a better fit?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.

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