No power is going to the ReVIVE PowerUP 4P, LED is not on

  • When the ReVIVE PowerUP 4P is plugged in, toggle the power switch to ON, the LED under the USB ports will be illuminated.
    • Does the LED light come on when the ReVIVE PowerUP 4P is plugged into a DC outlet and switched on?
  • Make sure the vehicles motor is running for best results, there is a chance the battery power will be or has been drained.
    • Does the ReVIVE PowerUP 4P work when the engine is running?
  • Check the glass fuse in the tip of the PowerUP 4P.
    • Is the fuse blown or in tact?
  • Try the ReVIVE PowerUP 4P in a different DC outlet or different vehicle.
    • Does it work in a different outlet or vehicle?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.

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