ReVIVE SOLAR RESTORE BST is not charging a device by solar power

Notice to customers:
  • The ReVIVE SOLAR RESTORE BST is not designed as an ACTIVE solar charger. You must first place the ReVIVE SOLAR RESTORE BST in direct sunlight for 2 - 8 hours, and please be sure that the control switch is in the OFF position. After it has charged in direct sunlight, you should then connect your device to the ReVIVE SOLAR RESTORE BST for a battery boost.
  • Please note, 8 hours of direct sunlight is required to charge the ReVIVE SOLAR RESTORE BST to 100% capacity while utilizing the BST solar panel. Without the BST solar panel, charging will take twice as long.
  • You will see the status LED glow RED to indicate solar charging.
  • Please make sure that the Flexible LED light is not on.

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.

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