ReVIVE GOCHARGE will not provide a charge to USB device

  • Be sure the ReVIVE GOCHARGE is switched to the ON position.
    • Is the ReVIVE GOCHARGE switched on?
  • Try the ReVIVE GOCHARGE with an OEM cable instead of the cables that were provided.
    • Does using the cable that came with your device to be charged work?
  • Make sure the device you are attempting to charge meets the power requirements that the ReVIVE GOCHARGE is able to output.
    • Check your owners manual against the manual of the ReVIVE GOCHARGE, are the requirements of your device more or less then the ReVIVE GOCHARGE?
  • Larger devices such as tablets may not be able to charge.
    • If using a large device, try something smaller, does the smaller device receive a charge?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.

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