Wireless TV Headset Setup

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Please view the following steps in order to set up your TV Edition Headset.
Please follow the instructions below to proceed to set up your BlueVIBE DLX TV Edition:
·         Ensure that both the headset and TRM are fully charged
o    We recommend charging over night for the best use
·         Plug in the transmitter in to the TV's digital audio output port (image of an example below)
o    If your TV does not have a digital audio output port and you have a cable box or sound system connected to the TV, please check those for an audio port.
·         Once the TRM is plugged in, hold the power button for both the TRM and DLX until they start flashing red and blue
·         Once they start flashing red and blue, let go of the power button.
·         A steady blue light will indicate that both are paired.
o    Please note: Upon shutting off and turning back on, the TRM and DLX do have to be paired after every use.
·         Enjoy!
Imaged above are the different types of audio ports with a brief explanation of each
·         Red: Standard audio out port
o    This is the preferred and easiest port, depending on your TV, to plug in the TRM into
·         Blue: RCA Red and White audio out ports 
o    Requires an RCA splitter
·         Green: Digital Audio Out Optical Port 
o    More and more newer TV's are coming out with this port in which you will require a Digital to Audio Converter 
o    Follow the link here to purchase if one is required 

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